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Since this site began this list has really grown.  Let other 79ers know to add their email to this list also.  STAY IN means so much!  

 79er Name 

Email Address(es) 

Notes/Alternate email

Debra Baltimore Anderson -
Akiko Banks -
 Iris Blackburn Humphries -
Dana Boatner
Carolyn Butler
Enoch Causey    
Gloria Chapman  -
Debbie Comager -
Sharon Dalcourt Jones -
Henry Dickerson, Sr. 
Craig Dunbar   "Dunny" -
Clarence Ennis
Eric Ferguson -
Sharon Francois -
Eric "Craig" Gauff -
Kim Guidroz -
June Harris Clark -
Donald R. Grim
Charlene D.  Hickman Spurlock
Darrayl Jack -
Gretchen Jackson -
Tony  James -
Adrienne Johnson Betz -
Sharon Johnson McCalop -
Debra Knox Smothers -
Roslyn LaCour -
Lajoanoune Lathan Morrison -
Lois Lee Cook   -   
Charlesetta Lewis Nganga -
Sheryl Lewis Almonte    "Sherrie" -
Adrienne Marshall Richardson -
Nathaniel "Booley" Mills
Sidney Mims -
Lisa Parker -
Melva Perkins Davis -
Ouida Posey -
 Stephen "Mike" Reams -
Sharon Robinson Keith -
Sharon Sanders
Dennis J. Scott, Sr   -
Ronald J.  Scott, Sr. -
Nona Sharper  Jones -
Ann Sims (Pernella) -
Jacqueline Summerville Roberson -
Ray Charles Spurlock
Sherin Tansiel -
Monique Taylor James -
Marnita Titus Williams -
Tyrone Tobias -
Clyde Trim 
Ida Turner Green   -
William Variste -
Sharon Wallace  -
Sandy Wells Landry -
Karen White Glynn -
Darlene Williams Prades -
Stephanie Williams Barnes MCKINLEY61@YAHOO.COM -
Dwight Winfrey -
Sharon Winfrey Roberson 
Pamela Woods -
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -
- - -