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The McK 79ers

Mckinley SEnior High School  Big Blue '79BOLD & PROUD!

Class     of    1979

TODAY'S THOUGHT: rather than looking for A place to start, SIMPLY start right where you are.

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The week of Sep 21st in '79: Music: Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough --- Michael Jackson is #1 song Life: In Sep. '79, the 79ers are now young adults looking up!

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O-BA-MA...O-BA-MA...O-BA-MA!!! Yes, indeed a black man (or woman) really can!

 Welcome to our website.  It's YOUR website! This marks just another example of what makes our class so special. We are committed to taking progressive steps to make ourselves better and to promote excellence in every endeavor we undertake.  From our commitment to the Old South Baton Rouge community, to our energy and enthusiasm for class-related activities, to the way we've gone out and touched the world, everything is truly still "right on time with 79!"                 McKinley: Simply a GREATinstitution!

For some 100 years McKinley High School has been producing graduates  with hearts that care and minds that make a difference. It is one of the great high schools in America's history. The 79ers are doing their part to keep this great tradition alive and well. 

This website  is the result of a concept that came out of a conversation between two 79ers in a cafe' in June of 2008.  In just four days later this site was completely designed, registered and online, and it has been going strong ever since.  As time goes on this website grows and expands to increasingly include features and capabilities that use all of the latest technology. In its essence, this site is simply a wonderful information exchange venue for 79ers, their family, friends, and those others who want to see what a great high school class is all about (smile)! is our place to connect, reflect, remember, and renew.

Click on the links at the top or bottom of this page to see what is available at this site.  Tell a friend and come back regularly to stay abreast of the latest happenings with the McKinley High Class of 1979.

Still rollin'.......79 times better!                                                        


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